The new 1:10,000 scale national map is a milestone in the history of Swiss cartography and the highlight of swisstopo’s involvement in the International Map Year supported by UNO. For the very first time, a new map of the whole of Switzerland is to be created fully automatically each year and published with the most up-to-date data available from swisstopo’s topographical landscape model.

A click on the map will lead you directly to the new 1:10’000 map on

Based on the topographical landscape model, the map, which will be updated yearly by region and published all over Switzerland, will integrate seamlessly with the existing national map.

What began two centuries ago with copperplate engraving is now done on computer. With this development, swisstopo gives due consideration to the growing importance of geoinformation for a changing society.

The new 1:10,000 scale national map is integrated at the highest zoom levels on the Federal geodata portal as of now. As a result, the map can also be incorporated into any website or printed up to A3 format.

More details on the new 1:10’000 national map can be found on

– Urs Isenegger, swisstopo