Please note that the following guidelines are mainly addressing ICA member organizations. If you are otherwise interested in IMY, please contact the delegate of your ICA national member organization, which you can find here. If your country is not an ICA member, please contact us for details.

How to get organized

  • Set up a National Committee: Organize a National Committee to support IMY activities and provide the public and ICA with basic information about the planned activities.
  • Cooperate with existing organizations/events: Join efforts with organizations that have an interest in maps to cooperate in existing events or develop new ones.

Ideas for Activities

Activities for Children

Organize fun and interesting activities that teach children about how to use and make maps. Examples of activities for children include:

  • Map your family – a web application „MAP OF MY FAMILY“, where children can compile their own family map with grandparents, siblings, uncles, cousins, etc. School teachers can involve it into the curriculum.
  • Map your home – a web application „MAP OF MY HOME“, where children can compile a map of any themes in their city/village with fruit trees, points of interest, traffic, etc. Teachers can involve it into the curriculum.
  • Encourage children to participate in the Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Drawing Competition

For Professionals

At the biennial International Cartographic Conferences the ICA organizes an International Map Exhibition, where map products originating from ICA member countries are exhibited. An international jury selects the best entries in various categories. You could either…

  • participate in the ICA Map Exhibition yourself, or
  • encourage map makers and mapping agencies to participate in it.