The latest issue of ICA News features a wonderful recap of IMY activities around the world – including a world map highlighting participating countries, IMY events and IMY photos.

IMY activities in ICA News. Map by Igor Drecki.

IMY activities in ICA News. Map by Igor Drecki.

In the editor notes, Igor Drecki writes:

Reading the stories on IMY one cannot help but be astonished by the incredible ingenuity of national IMY coordinators and committees in promoting the message of IMY. From national days and workshops to postal stamps and map stands, from exhibitions and posters to wine and chocolates, from fun-filled challenges for children to official events involving government ministers – you name it it’s there! The colour and energy of these celebrations was simply contagious and left us all with unforgettable memories. I think IMY achieved something truly special – it strengthened and invigourated various cartographic communities and sparked unprecedented interest of the public in maps and mapping!

– Igor Drecki, ICA News 67

For more details, download the IMY map (2.8mb) or download the complete issue of ICA News as PDF in web quality (3.5mb) or print quality (33.6mb).