On 14 December 2016, the International Map Year committee in Egypt organized a map session under the name of “The Power of Where”, hosted by Benaa Habitat to raise awareness among young people about the importance of maps and geospatial data in a decision-making cycle at different levels of development in private and public sectors through presenting real-life case studies in the fields of urban development, environmental management and natural protection. It was also discussed how geospatial tools can be used to understand the SDGs 2030 indicators, spatial patterns of the main challenges like poverty, insecurity food and healthcare in Egypt.

Benaa Foundation is activating and building the capacities of the youth, in order to build up interdisciplinary sustainable development projects, and creating an interactive enabling environment in the MENA region. Many thanks for amazing Benaa Habitat team and creative youth.

Mostafa A. Gouda
National Coordinator of IMY