To celebrate International Map Year, the Portuguese Committee of Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPT) invites artists of Mail-Art from around the world, to create inspired works on this topic.


Mail-Art is an art form that began in the last century in the “Correspondance Art School” of New York and had great expression in the 70s and 80s. Its vehicle transmission are postal services and, therefore, postcards, envelopes, stamps or postmarks are some of the media in which it is possible to express this art. The Mail-Art artists use techniques such as collages, photos, writing, painting or digital art. The only real limitation to the use of different techniques and media is the possibility of transmission of works by postal services.

Deadline for submission is March 21, 2017. All details on the Mail-Art call for the International Map Year can be found here.

Selected works will be exhibited on the MPT Facebook page.

Results from similar activities in the past can be reviewed here:


Submitted by Paulo Jorge Lourenço
Matemática do Planeta Terra