International Map Year in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be celebrated through various events in December 2016. The events are organised by the Institute for Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Banja Luka, with patronage of the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of the Government of Republic of Srpska. The main purpose of the International Map Year celebrations is to point out the importance of maps in everyday life and the importance of cartography in professional life.


The main activity will be an exhibition of maps, cartographic instruments and GIS, that will be held from December 6–16 in the Grand salon of Banski dvor Cultural Center in Banja Luka. A part of Jelena Stanković’s PhD thesis, consisting of Banja Luka maps found in archives, libraries and museums in Europe, will be presented at the exhibition. The PhD thesis titled „Mapping and Memory in Banja Luka“ was successfully defended at the University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom, with mentoring of Lorens Holm and Charles Rattray.

Within the celebration, the XII International Scientific and Professional Conference „Modern theory and practice in building development“ will be organized in Hotel Bosna, Banja Luka, on December 7–8. Additionally, a Solemn academy subject to celebrate 20 years of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the University of Banja Luka will be held on December 8 in Banski dvor Cultural Center.

In order to reach a wider audience, the exhibition will also be held in other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the following period.

– Mario Miličević
IMY committee Bosnia and Herzegovina