Japan Cartographers Association (JCA) held a workshop on April 23rd, 2016 for inspecting maps exhibited at the International Cartographic Conference (ICC) 1980 in Tokyo with the cooperation of Center for Spatial Information Science (CSIS) of the University of Tokyo.


This event took place on the occasion of the donation of the maps stored in the office of JCA to Kashiwa Library at the University of Tokyo. After four presenters gave comments on the features of the maps and experiences at the ICC 1980, more than 30 participants inspected the original old maps and discussed the effective use of the legacy of the ICC 1980. This workshop can be a good opportunity to examine 40 years’ changes of cartography, heading towards the success of ICC 2019 in Tokyo.

Inspection of map cases


Lectures on the map exhibition in ICC 1980


Discussion around maps


– Yoshiki Wakabayashi
Member of the IMY National Committee of Japan