This section offers files and guidelines for the use of the IMY logo. ICA grants you and your organization the copyright permission to use, copy, reproduce, and redistribute the logo in support of your local IMY events and efforts.

IMY logo


  • BLUE: Web: #06c, RGB: 0/102/204, CMYK 90/50/0/0
    GRAY (continents): Web: #ccc, RGB: 204/204/204, CMYK 0/0/0/30
    BLACK (replacing the blue in grayscale logos): Web: #000, RGB: 0/0/0, CMYK 0/0/0/100
  • For grayscale reproduction, please use the logos in the “grayscale” folder: ZIP file
  • If only one color can be used, please use the monochrome eps. Use white on a dark background and blue or black on a light background.

Design Guidelines

  • Please do not stretch or distort the logo.
  • The logo should preferrably be used on white backgrounds. If this is not possible, make sure the contrast between the logo (especially the gray of the continents) is sufficient.

Different language versions


For questions and requests regarding the logo, please contact . If you would like to create a new translated logo version, please send her a draft based on the above EPS file – thank you!