Thessaloniki celebrates the IMY in Greece with initiatives organised by the Hellenic Cartographic Society, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Cartographic Heritage Archives of the Hellenic General State Archives.

The early November 2016 cartographic events

  • In the 14th Hellenic Cartographic Conference, Thessaloniki, 2-4 November 2016, organised by the Hellenic Cartographic Society under the ICA endorsement, sponsored and supported by the AUTH Research Committee, the AUTH Faculty of Engineering, the AUTH School of Rural & Surveying Engineering, the AUTH Laboratory of Cartography & Geographical Analysis (AUTH CartoGeoLab), the Cartographic Heritage Archives by the Hellenic General State Archives and the ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital.
  • In the intensive one-day seminar Maps in Libraries, Thessaloniki, 2 November 2016, for in-service and unemployed librarians and library & archiving students in Greece, organised by the AUTH Library & Information Centre, the AUTH CartoGeoLab, the ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital and sponsored by the AUTH Research Committee.
The three 80x200 cm rollups of the early November 2016 cartographic events in Thessaloniki, Greece: the 14th Hellenic Cartographic Conference 'Cartography in a Changing World' (left); the IMY acclaim (middle); the Seminar 'Maps in Libraries' (right)

The three 80×200 cm rollups of the early November 2016 cartographic events in Thessaloniki, Greece: the 14th Hellenic Cartographic Conference ‘Cartography in a Changing World’ (left); the IMY acclaim (middle); the Seminar ‘Maps in Libraries’ (right)

‘An old map in my project’: working with teachers and school children in the IMY Agenda

The Cartographic Heritage Archives (CHA, FB:Maplibrary) established in 2013 resuming the aims and activities of the National Centre for Maps & Cartographic Heritage (1997-2012), as a Department of the General State Archives of Greece (GSA), targeting at the management and diffusion of cartographic heritage in the context of the GSA. Among other activities the CHA contribute to the introduction of cartographic culture in education, using the gained experience since 1997. Several courses introduced recently in primary and secondary education curricula in Greece, encouraged the preparation of small-scale research projects. This offered the grounds for promoting programmes on the use of maps and cartoheritage in education. During the last school year, on the occasion of the IMY 2015-2016, the CHA introduced among other activities the educational program ‘An old map in my project’, in cooperation with the Office for Cultural Issues, Directorate of Secondary Education of Eastern Thessaloniki.

The program is addressed to 12-17 year high school students to teachers in primary and secondary education. Children and teachers are introduced to the use of maps in everyday life, art, administration, education and other areas of modern social and cultural activities, in order to understand the broadness of using maps and their impact in communication and to perceive historical maps and other cartographic archival material as cognitive tools providing amounts of diverse information. The school community is also challenged to discover where and how they can use maps, working with worksheets and simple exercises and playing cartographic games specially designed for the programme needs, challenged finally to compare the old and modern geospace, to locate toponyms, to compare map evidence with evidence from other sources (literature, photography, memorabilia, audiovisuals), to recognize the amount of information given, look for evidence of the past in the present and to understand the importance and the interaction of geographical factors and human activities.

The main aim of this program, designed and implemented by the CHA, is to introduce teachers and children in the use of modern and archival cartographic material in their projects. Teachers and students are encouraged to get familiarize with the old cartographic material and use it, in order to improve the way they view and perceive the geospace through time and to develop higher order learning skills of interpretation and evaluation.

The photo-gallery some examples are shown from the implementation of the program, in topics such as: ‘Τhe urban expansion’, ‘Monuments and historical cites, ‘Thessaloniki in Literature, Poetry and Art’, ‘Cultural routes in the city’, ‘Multi-cultural communities in Thessaloniki’, ‘Present and past Images of Europe’, ‘An excursion in ancient Greek theatres’ etc.


According the timetable set, the program ‘An old map in my project’ will be completed at the end of IMY 2015-2016. In the October 2015 to April 2016 period, more than 280 students and 40 teachers participated to the program with excellent feedback.

The program was presented in the 11th ICA Conference Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, Riga, Latvia, 20-22 April 2016. Proceedings available at: