Organize a National Committee to support IMY activities and provide the public and ICA with basic information about the planned activities.

How to set up a National Committee

The ICA working group coordinates supporting activities; however, national activities need to be organized by national members. The first objective should be to set up a national committee containing representatives from all national mapping organisations and supporting organisations in geodesy, surveying and remote sensing as well as education. If a nation is not an ICA member, the same procedure can be followed. The ICA working group will support IMY activities with basic information on ICA and its activities, on how ICA, its commissions and affiliate members can support mapping and atlas production, and how the establishment of a geographic information infrastructure can be improved. The chairperson of the committee will be the liaison with the ICA working group. Please send an email to  to confirm your national committee.

Who are representatives on the National Committee?

The National Committee for the International Map Year may have representatives from …

  • the National Mapping Agency,
  • the national geological mapping organisation,
  • the hydrographic organisation,
  • one or more universities,
  • one or more commercial map or atlas producing organisations,
  • the ICA national member organization.

What are the activities of the National Committee?

All representatives should have an agreement to join the national committee and report on the activities to their organisation and try to involve them in the planned activities. This basic activity must be followed by actions to invite the public to local map days and to distribute information how to get and use the book The World of Maps. It’s recommended to set up a country website for the national IMY activities.

The activities of the national committee may include:

  • setting up a website
  • identifying national capacities in cartography and geographic information
  • identifying possible local organisers of national map days
  • identifying industrial partners
  • finding out how local organisers can be sponsored with national material
  • finding out how possible costs may be covered
  • setting up an information program
  • preparing participation in the Barbara Petchenik Competition
  • reporting to the ICA Working Group
  • translating the book The World of Maps to the nations language (illustrations will be made available for this purpose in an image format)
  • considering the development a web based atlas
  • organizing a strategic planning day to discuss the establishment of national map days and the further development of a national strategic plan for the creation and the dissemination of geographic information

Which countries are involved already?

Please check the list of nations, which signed up already.