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4 11, 2016

Exhibition: The 20th Century Through Maps

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F60149-96The 20th century was a golden age of map making, a period where more mapswere made – and have survived – then in any other period. From trench maps of the Great War to maps of new countries, from maps commemorating the moonlandings to maps advertising the first commercial holidays by air, these maps chart many of the crucial episodes and themes of this ‘age of extremes’.

This major exhibition at the British Library in London, UK, will embrace the amazing variety of map making including offical military photographs, hand sketches, advertisements and video game maps – all from our collection. The exhibition will also explore the intensification of wartime mapping and show how technologies have now adapted these great maps for peacetime use, following the Great Wars and the Cold War as well as contributing to a more spatially aware 21st century society.

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