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4 11, 2016

Exhibition: The 20th Century Through Maps

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F60149-96The 20th century was a golden age of map making, a period where more mapswere made – and have survived – then in any other period. From trench maps of the Great War to maps of new countries, from maps commemorating the moonlandings to maps advertising the first commercial holidays by air, these maps chart many of the crucial episodes and themes of this ‘age of extremes’.

This major exhibition at the British Library in London, UK, will embrace the amazing variety of map making including offical military photographs, hand sketches, advertisements and video game maps – all from our collection. The exhibition will also explore the intensification of wartime mapping and show how technologies have now adapted these great maps for peacetime use, following the Great Wars and the Cold War as well as contributing to a more spatially aware 21st century society.

See more at: http://support.bl.uk/Page/The-20th-Century-through-Maps

Contact: , Curator of Antiquarian Mapping

2 11, 2016

Better Mapping with QGIS

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Never before has the understanding of good map design been more important. Join us for this one day seminar as we learn the cartographic fundamentals from expert presenters. We will also cover open data, open software, map critique and a hands-on workshop based on QGIS. Discover how much this free software has to offer and learn how to make beautiful maps! We will even throw in lunch!

30 09, 2016

Somerset Mapped

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An exhibition of maps and charts of the ancient county of Somerset, dating back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, is being held at West Monkton Village Hall on the 30th of September 2016. In Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th year it is appropriate that maps of the county of Somerset from the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First through to the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second will be on display.

The event is being organised by Dr Adrian Webb and Emma Down.
Sponsored by the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society and the Somerset Record Society. 


6 09, 2016

British Cartographic Society – Society of Cartographers conference 2016

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This year your annual Symposium is joining with the Society of Cartographers Summer School to host the BCS – SoC Conference 2016, from 6th to 8th September at the Cheltenham Park Hotel, Cheltenham. We are delighted to be running this collaborative event again and hope that you will be able to join us in Cheltenham for a week of cartography and Society related events.

The week’s activities begin on Tuesday 6 September with our Special Interest Groups’ meetings, workshops and mapathon.

The BCS – SoC Conference 2016 runs from 7-8 September and will include all our usual activities including an inspirational collection of presentations and workshops, the annual awards ceremony, corporate members exhibition and plenty of opportunity to network with friends and colleagues from across our community. We do hope you will be able to join us at the event and would appreciate your help in promoting the event to your network to others that maybe interested.

Follow us on twitter for updates as they are confirmed, or see the Society of Cartographers’ website for the latest press releases.

7 06, 2016

The Great Lines Project

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Did you ever wonder when contour lines were used for the first time? Karen Rann investigates the invention of contour lines in The Great Lines Project.

Contour lines. Photo by Karen Rann.

The website thegreatlinesproject.wordpress.com explores the first maps to include those tentative lines that expose a quality of our world needing to be understood, to be calculated or defined, through the use of a line or lines which are not visible within the landscape because they are not there.

Please also note Rann’s exhibition devoted to the development of contour lines, currently open at the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. More details about the exhibition can be found in our event calendar.

2 06, 2016

Exhibition: The ‘Great Lines’

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In her exhibition devoted to the development of contour lines by Newcastle mathematician, Charles Hutton, Karen Rann has researched the life and work of this unsung hero.  Starting with his book, ‘A Treatise on Mensuration’, published in 1764, Hutton’s longstanding interest in land surveying reached its highpoint (literally) with his processing of the observations taken during a scientific experiment on the notable Scottish mountain of Schiehallion.

It was from the reduction and plotting of this data that he developed the idea of land-based contour lines.  From the original data, Karen has recreated the pattern of contour lines around Schiehallion (the original maps have been lost), and has created further artistic works based on those contours and contour lines in other places.

Alongside the reconstructed map, models and drawings, archival material pertaining to Charles Hutton and held by the Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne is on display.


Contact: Karen Rann at the Lit and Phil Society