The World of Maps includes individual chapters covering a variety of cartographic topics and issues that form a coherent introduction, reference volume and work-book for those who are interested in investigating the nature of contemporary mapping. Please, note that chapters may be changed with new versions when needed.


Executive Summary

  1. Cartography – Bengt Rystedt
  2. Map Use and Map Reading – Ferjan Ormeling
  3. Geographic Information – Bengt Rystedt (updated on August 15, 2014)

How to Make Maps

  1. Map Design – Vit Vozenilek
  2. Topographic Maps – Bengt Rystedt
  3. Thematic Maps – Ferjan Ormeling
  4. Atlases – Ferjan Ormeling
  5. Geographical Names – Ferjan Ormeling
  6. Map Projections and Reference Systems – M. Lapaine and L. E. Usery
    (updated on September 14, 2014)

How to Use Maps

  1. Map Use at the United Nations – UN Cartographic Section (updated on May 21, 2015)
  2. Setting One’s Course with a Nautical Chart – Michel Huét
  3. Maps for Orienteering and for Finding the Cache – László Zentai
    (updated on September 30, 2014 with an addition of comments on geochaching)

How to Present Maps

  1. Printing Maps – Bengt Rystedt
  2. Web and Mobile Mapping – Michael Peterson

Geographic Information

  1. Geographic Information Access and Availability – Aileen Buckley and Bengt Rystedt
  2. Volunteered Geographic Information – Serena Coetzee

Education and Further Information

  1. Education – David Fairbairn
  2. Tactile Cartography – Alejandra Coll Escanilla, Jennifer Pinto Soto
  3. Further Information

The full book as one file can be downloaded here (PDF, 20mb).